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Intro to the GPO

The U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual, 2016, provides writing guidance for all federal government employees to ensure consistency. Yet many federal government writers (and those who work with them) have never even heard of it.

In this brief, introductory video, you will learn what a style guide is and how it can help you in common writing situations, such as the following:
• Is the plural of “mosquito” spelled “mosquitos” or “mosquitoes”?
• The dictionary says “work force,” “workforce,” and “work-force” are all correct. Which should I use?
• Should I use a number or spell it out?

This overview will show you where and how you can access the GPO. You will also get suggestions for how to use it most effectively, in context, with actual examples drawn from real government documents.

After watching, you will have -
• easy access to a reference that addresses many commonly asked questions,
• black-and-white answers to language’s gray areas, and
• confidence that you are writing consistently under federal government guidelines.

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