Conservation Writing Pro
Conservation Writing Pro
Communicate your conservation message with clarity!

Training that Helps you Communicate Your Conservation Message with Clarity

Michelle Baker, PhD is the founder of Conservation Writing Pro and the author of Writing in the Environmental Sciences: A Seven-Step Guide (Cambridge UP, 2017). She offers federal writing training for environmental scientists who write technical, scientific, and regulatory documents. She teaches three courses, listed below, which can be tailored to the documents you write.

Michelle’s teaching philosophy is simple: People are willing and eager to learn, so give them the tools they need to be successful. In class, Michelle briefly introduces concepts, then encourages course participants to share their experiences and explore ways of applying the concepts to their daily writing tasks. In this way, course participants recognize their own expertise, own the new knowledge, and gain practical experience they can immediately apply to their own work.

All of Michelle’s classes incorporate the principles of plain language: considering your audience; using thesis statements, topic sentences, and forecasting statements to organize your work; and organizing and developing your thoughts clearly and logically.